Horseback riding tours on the beach

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We will pick up at 8:30 am then we will ride our horse on the beaches after going to El Choco national park where they will visit a cave with this Titi and there is the miti and they can swim in spring water from the mountains they will see diversities of exotic trees and birds with drink included $75.

Horses back riding Excursion / Beach and Mountain Tours / Adult $95USD / Chill $60USD)

What includes?
To drink

This innovative experience combines the best of Cabarete. You will have the opportunity to explore the natural wonders of our region and enjoy the finest views that these magnificent places can offer. Guided by experienced individuals who will provide you with a unique experience, the journey is not only wonderful but also fascinating throughout. Don’t miss the opportunity we offer to make this reservation and take away memories that will linger in your memory as the best vacation. Just relax and enjoy; we assure you comfort and well-being throughout the entire experience.

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